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An Earth Day memory in honor of its f...

An Earth Day memory in honor of its founder

Winter Solstice, 1992 – my first day on the job at The Wilderness Society, and Pat, one of my new colleagues, takes me around to meet the handful of staff actually working four days before Christmas. One of these was, of course, our counselor, Senator Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day, hero of the environmental […]

Pipeline a Threat to Property Values

Pipeline a Threat to Property Values

Gas Industry study says pipelines have no effect on prices, but the study is flawed. The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) Foundation, Inc., has released another report on the impacts of pipelines on property values and property insurability. Like a previous report using the same methods, the report claims that pipelines have no […]

Crowd-Sourcing Review of Citizen Inpu...

Crowd-Sourcing Review of Citizen Input

Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is required to obtain input from the public in order to “scope” an environmental impact analysis of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  FERC has received thousands of “scoping comments” through its website, the mail, and at in-person scoping meetings held in March and […]

Protecting the Wild (Excerpt)

Protecting the Wild (Excerpt)

There is a notion,  popular among some conservationists, that we are living in the Anthropocene and should just go with it, embrace our species’ role as master and gardener of all creation, and dispatch the idea of protecting wilderness — untrammeled nature — for its own or our own sake.  Protecting the Wild is a response […]

Co-Benefits of Methane Reduction in V...

Co-Benefits of Methane Reduction in Vietnam

In 2013, Spencer had the privilege of working with staff at the Institute of Science for Environmental Management (part of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment) in Hanoi, Vietnam.  The project was to compile and analyze data to quantify the co-benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the solid waste and wastewater treatment […]